P3 Outdoor Rental LED Display – rental in UAE

P 3.9 outdoor LED digital signage panels screen can be customized in several size options and offers excellent picture quality and clarity in outdoor area.

They are designed for high levels of flexibility, portability and customization across multiple application areas such as Outdoor Exhibition, events, concerts, Sports, wedding.


Promotional messages and ads as well as vital information regarding product exhibitors and much more can be displayed in specific areas of exhibition venues who visit the exhibitions.


The viewing experience of spectators undergoes a major transformation with rental outdoor LED digital signage solutions in sporting events. Instant slow motion replays, vital match statistics and other details as well as advertisements before the start of the match and during intervals add a lot more value.

Music Concerts

Displaying crystal clear images of pop stars for the benefit of their fans is a prime objective of outdoor rental digital advertising display screens during music concerts. Massive crowds that visit the concert venues, appreciate the flexibility and portability of rental LED displays that improve utilization of space.

Need a specific size of the screen, shape or form?
Let us know and let’s customize it.

There are several factors that determine exact rental rates.
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A LED screen, also known as a LED video wall, is essentially a giant TV screen made up of many small LED panels connected together.

Each LED panel is made up of many individual LEDs, depending on the spec of the panel, the LED panels are spaced closer together or further apart, this is known as the pitch. Each LED panel produces 3 colors – Red, Green, and Blue, which are used to create an infinite range of colors. When you stand far away from the LED video wall, you don’t see the individual pixels, just the final image created by them.
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