Stage Usage Curved LED Video Wall Rental


LED video walls in the following areas:

  • Background for stage
  • As freestanding Advertising display
  • As a background for the film shoot
  • present presentations, videos at events
  • To display online content.

Stage Background Rental Usage Convex Curved round cube arc Indoor P2.9 LED Video Wall

High Quality High Definition Round Arc Curved LED wall Screen Rental

Our 2.9mm is an easy-to-stack or hang Indoor LED video wall solution that can be used in flat or curved configurations. It is designed for indoor use only and provides and high quality but cost-effective LED display solution for temporary event rental.

The LED pixel pitch is 2.9mm which allows for a high definition video wall display. The maximum brightness is 1500 nits (in plain language this could be described as very bright), but can be turned down incrementally to suit the environment.

Curved LED is trending in corporate, broadcast and control room environments because the video walls can bend and curve around people, capturing their peripheral vision.

Curved LED walls can be realized as both arched outward (convex curved LED wall) or as arched inward (concave curved LED wall).

for more product information about Convex and Concave LED Panel Indoor Curved LED Display Screen rental services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & across UAE  Click here.

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LED Wall technology in general is one of the trend-setting media for trade fairs, exhibition, corporate events and events of all kinds.
  • Good price-performance ratio to the image area used by different pixel pitch
  • Modular construction, thus any sizes of the LED walls are possible
  • Easy and fast assembly / disassembly and loss-free showtime
  • Ordinary 16: 9 and 4: 3 formats are possible
  • Various, unconventional and innovative constructions are possible, such as e.g. so-called curved LED walls or LED floor, LED ceiling, 3D LED, LED circles, LED cubes with the help of corner modules etc ..
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